The C20 Communique: “We call for a new social contract to unite and protect an Artificial Intelligence World Society”

Aug 13, 2023Event Updates, News

The three-day Final Summit of Civil20 (C20), an official Engagement Group of G20, came to a successful close in Jaipur. The summit resulted in the presentation of the C20 Communique, a comprehensive inclusive survey and policy recommendations developed. This significant document was handed over to the G20 Secretariat and representatives of G20.

Here is an excerpt from the C20 Communique:

“We recognize the rapid and widespread change brought about by digital transformation, offering unprecedented advancements for improving the human condition. However, we call for the recognition that education or digital technologies, when improperly or maliciously used, can fuel divisions within and between societies and countries, increase insecurity, undermine human rights, and exacerbate inequalities and fervently hope that the G20 leaders will take cognizance of this and take necessary collective action. Education on emerging technologies and collaboration between stakeholders and countries is necessary for beneficial use and mitigation of potential harm and collaboration between stakeholders and countries to deal with the ever-evolving digital environment and promote a secure and inclusive digital world. We call for a new social contract to unite and protect an Artificial Intelligence World Society.”

Mr. Nguyen Anh Tuan, the CEO of Boston Global Forum, took the stage as a distinguished keynote speaker at the C20 Summit, delivering a compelling address. He spoke about the potential of the AI World Society (AIWS) model, emphasizing its role in shaping a more promising future for the global community through AI. With profound insight, Mr. Tuan also underscored the significance of integrating the spiritual values championed by Amma, highlighting their capacity to guide us towards a world enriched by compassion, understanding, and enlightenment.

Please download the C20 Communique here.

Nguyen Anh Tuan speaks at C20-G20 Summit India 2023