The AI Social Contract Index, A New Report That Ranks AI Policies in 30 Countries, Urges Actions on Democratic Values

Nov 30, 2020News

The Center for AI and Digital Policy today released the first global ranking of countries based on their progress toward AI policies that are innovative, trustworthy and respect human rights and democratic values.

The ground-breaking analysis of AI policies and practices in 30 countries by a team of international experts found ambitious plans and wide disparities, on metrics such as data privacy, face surveillance, and public participation. Some countries are making strong progress. Others have work to do to catch up with this fast-moving and far-reaching technology.

The report – the AI Social Contract Indexwas produced by the Center for AI and Digital Policy. The Center is part of the Michael Dukakis Institute for Leadership and Innovation in Boston.

“The response of governments to the complex challenges of artificial intelligence are critical to translate the promise of this technology into economic progress that respects democratic values,” said Governor Dukakis. “The goal of the AI Social Contract Index is to develop a baseline for best practices and to ensure that AI fulfills its potential to improve growth and well-being around the world.”

The year-long assessment focuses on fundamental rights, rule of law, and democratic governance. Policies and practices were evaluated for top 25 countries by gross domestic product and five other high-impact countries. The AI Index will be updated annually as national policies evolve and as more countries and new issues are added to the assessment.

The AI Social Contract Index will be announced at the World Leader for Peace and Security Award ceremony at AIWS Palace of the AIWS City on December 12, 2020.