Students of the AIWS Leadership Master Program practice at Global Alliance for Digital Governance

Jan 30, 2022Global Alliance for Digital Governance, News

AIWS Leadership Master Program belong to AIWS University (AIWS City), will practice their leadership by practicing at Global Alliance for Digital Governance. They will be assigned to solve issues:

  • Misinformation, Disinformation, and Global Enlightenment Education
  • The Value System and Innovation Ecosystem of AI World Society (AIWS)
  • Building trust between leaders of nations
  • The Fundamentals for new international cooperation on the basis of standards of the Social Contract for the AI ​​Age
  • Building Global Law and Accord on AI and Digital technologies
  • Ensuring responsible and democratic exercise of state power in the AI and digital age
  • Building on opportunities in technology and Big Tech companies while addressing their challenges, threats, and dangers.

They continue with support, leading of presidents, prime ministers, leading thinkers, innovators:

  • Connect and organize discussions between leaders of companies
  • Organize discussions between leaders of governments
  • Connect and organize discussions with professors of Law Schools
  • Monitor governments in standards of Social Contract for the AI Age
  • Connect companies and organizations to invite them join the Exchange AIWS Values
  • Using Blockchain to create crypto-currency of AIWS Values.