Starting to build the AIWS Global Enlightenment Program

Jul 11, 2021News

In the book Remaking the World – Toward an Age of Global Enlightenment, a Global Enlightenment Program is a part of the AIWS Ecosystem, the Global Alliance for Digital Governance (GADG), and fundamental to AIWS City. Content of this program is proposed:

  1. Rights and responsibilities of a global citizen – the Social Contract for the AI Age
  2. AIWS Value System
  3. Resources and assets of a citizen:
  • Knowledge, innovations, creativity
  • Basics of history
  • World culture
  • Nature beauty
  • The Arts
  • Moral, ethics, honesty, tolerance
  • Friends, communities, networks
  1. Tools, apps, platforms:
  • Apps and tools for life and work
  • AIWS Innovation Exchange Platform
  1. Set up a path for life
  2. Lifelong learning, problem-solving, innovation, and creativity

We call on educators and innovators to contribute their ideas for the AIWS Global Enlightenment Program.

If you have any ideas, suggestions, please send email to [email protected]