Shinzo Abe Peace and Security Conference in Tokyo, March 28, 2024

Feb 4, 2024Event Updates, News

The Boston Global Forum will host a Shinzo Abe Peace and Security Conference this spring. Distinguished leaders, scholars, and professionals from various fields will meet in Tokyo on March 28, 2024, to engage in critical discussions addressing pressing global challenges.

The conference will place a particular focus on exploring sustainable solutions for peace and security in regions of significant geopolitical concern. Thought leaders will discuss the crisis in the Middle East and the war between Ukraine and Russia. Additionally, the conference will deliberate on strategies to navigate the rising tensions in the Asia-Pacific between China and its neighbors (Japan, Taiwan, India, etc).

A key highlight of the event will be the discussion surrounding the AIWS Natural AI Initiative. Renowned experts such as Yutaka Matsuo from the University of Tokyo and Hiroshi Ishiguro will contribute their insights towards the development of AIWS Angel, a groundbreaking example of Natural AI. This initiative aims to bridge the gap between artificial and natural intelligence, showcasing the potential of technology to serve humanity in profound ways.

Moreover, the conference will pay homage to the efforts of Japanese young leaders through the prestigious Shinzo Abe Award for Young Leaders in the Age of Global Enlightenment. This accolade seeks to recognize and celebrate the contributions of the younger generation towards fostering peace, security, and positive global change.

The Shinzo Abe Peace and Security Conference promises to be a dynamic platform, bringing together diverse perspectives and expertise to chart a course towards a more secure and harmonious world. We look forward to the insightful discussions and collaborative efforts that will emerge from this event.