Sanae Takaichi’s speech at the 3rd Shinzo Abe Initiative Conference on March 28, 2024

Apr 1, 2024News

Japanese Minister of Economic Security Sanae Takaichi, 2023 World Leader in AIWS, delivered her speech at the Shinzo Abe Initiative Conference.

Good morning everyone,

I am Sanae Takaichi, and I am delighted to celebrate the 3rd Shinzo Abe Initiative Conference hosted by the Boston Global Forum Japan, which is taking place today.

Technological innovations such as generative AI bring a variety of benefits, including improving productivity and addressing worker shortages. However, they also pose serious risks, such as the spread of disinformation.

In Japan, the AI Safety Institute was established last month as an organization to study AI safety evaluation methods. Additionally, AI business guidelines, encompassing essential principles for AI companies to adhere to, are scheduled to be published next month.

I would like to express my sincere appreciation to CEO Tuan and everyone at the Boston Global Forum for their significant contributions over the years. I also extend my best wishes for the continued growth and success of the Boston Global Forum and its participants.

Thank you.

Sanae Takaichi