Reshaping the Social Contract with The New Deal on Data, Progressive Capitalism, and AI World Society

Jul 8, 2019News

Background include thinking and ideas of thought leaders:

Professor Joseph Stiglitz:
Progressive capitalism is based on a new social contract between voters and elected officials, between workers and corporations, between rich and poor, and between those with jobs and those who are un- or underemployed.

Professor Alex Sandy Pentland:
Give people ownership of their data. The heart of the New Deal on Data must be to provide both regulatory standards and financial incentives enticing owners to share data, while at the same time serving the interests of individuals and society at large.

Vint Cerf:
Humans produce trillions of photos and countless exabytes of complex digital objects every year. But formats are constantly changing, and all this data is potentially ephemeral. We need to find a way to store all that data in a way that will remain accessible 100 years from now.

Governor Michael Dukakis:
Global accord needed on use of AI by governments.

Boston Global Forum and great thought leaders such as Governor Michael Dukakis, Professor Alex Sandy Pentland, and Vint Cerf, one of the fathers of the Internet, will discuss to build a new social contract is named the Social Contract 2020.

The urgency of the discussion is that there is a lot of talk about this concept in the World Economic Forum and other platforms, but it is pretty much misguided ranting. There are several items that might go into a serious discussion:
1) Collective action and data rights and uses (e.g., Data Co-Ops, etc);
2) Tax: we have what I think is really fundamental new thinking about tax policy in our new digital, global world;
3) Digital money: the need to reinvent money and deal with the advent of digital currencies; and
4) The advent of algorithms as law, and the role of human stakeholders

The first discussion will be take place on July 13, 2019 between Governor Dukakis and thought leaders. Then the first ideas of the Social Contract 2020 will be discussed on AI World Society Conference Sept 23, 2019 at Harvard University Faculty Club. The first concepts will be introduced in World Leadership Alliance – Club de Madrid Conference Oct 21 and Oct 22, 2019 in Madrid.