President Danilo Turk will discuss in AIWS Innovation Network Roundtable

Feb 24, 2020News, AIWS and the Age of Global Enlightenment

President of World Leadership Alliance-Club de Madrid, former president of Slovenia, Danilo Turk, will discuss in AIWS Innovation Network (AIWS-IN) Roundtable, a part of Policy Dialog “Transatlantic Approaches on Digital Governance: A New Social Contract in Artificial Intelligence”.

Professor Joseph Nye, the father of Soft Power, Professor Stephen Walt, Professor Thomas Patterson, Harvard University, Professor Nazli Choucri, MIT, father of Internet Vint Cerf, will discuss with President Danilo Turk and world leaders. There are several distinguished thinkers, inventers, innovators, and world leaders will discuss on questions:

  • Balance the five centers of power: Government, Business, People, Civil Society, AI Assistants?
  • Build and implement Global Data and AI Regulations?
  • Establish a new balance of power among nations?
  • Transform the world economy into one with opportunities for all people?

The AIWS-IN Roundtable, an online discussion, with the platform AIWS Innovation Network, has started from 02/20/2020, and will finish on 04/20/2020. The Boston Global Forum will collect ideas from this roundtable for the AIWS Social Contract 2020.