Paul Nemitz speaking at the Boston Global Forum “The Framework for Global Law and Accord on AI and Digital”

Dec 26, 2021Global Law and Accord on AI and Digital, News

Paul Nemitz, member of Global Enlightenment Community of AIWS City, contributed to the Boston Global Forum debate on December 12, 2021:

We all converge in the risk analysis and we all converge in our call for making rules which mitigate the risks and for international cooperation.

At the same time, we live in a time in which the type of agreement we need for domestic rulemaking and also for international cooperation is ever less forthcoming. In fact, the scarcest resource today is not the one great idea, the one paper written by a great academic or for that matter the next phantastic start-up. The scarcest resource today is the willingness and ability to agree on rules, both domestically, to adopt laws, and on an international level.

It is this the reason why in the US Congress is basically not at all anymore able to adopt laws for the digital. And it is this the reason why we are in danger of gesture politics, in which words sound great, but actions are meagre.

This difficulty falls in a time where at the same time measuring success of policy progress has become more possible than in the past. Whether the policy of climate change actually has positive effects can actually be measured scientifically.

We can also count how much hate speech and incitement to violence has been removed from the internet. Most of the policies successes and failures in policies related to digital and AI will be subject to scientific and numerical assessment.