OpenAI shows off lifelike videos generated by Sora, its new AI tool

Feb 20, 2024News

The New OpenAI Technology can create realistic videos from just a line of text: Sora can render richly detailed videos based on written prompts.

However, the tool further raises concerns about deepfakes as AI continues to show up in elections around the world.

The new tool, called Sora, will initially only be available to a small group of artists and filmmakers as well as “red teamers,” or researchers who try to find ways that an AI tool can be used for malicious purposes, OpenAI said in an announcement Thursday, Feb 15.

Sora builds on the tech behind OpenAI’s image-generating DALL-E tool. It interprets a user’s prompt, expanding it into a more detailed set of instructions, and then uses an AI model trained on video and images to create the new video.

The quality of AI-generated images, audio and video has rapidly increased over the past year, with companies like OpenAI, Google, Meta and Stable Diffusion racing to make more capable tools and find ways to sell them. At the same time, democracy advocates and AI researchers have warned that the tools are already being used to trick and lie to voters.

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The OpenAI logo is reflected in a human eye at a studio in Paris on June 6. (Joel Saget/AFP/Getty Images)