Nguyen Anh Tuan Inspires Nha Trang’s 100-Year Conference with Vision for Innovation

Mar 18, 2024News

On March 18, 2024, Nguyen Anh Tuan, CEO of the Boston Global Forum, took the spotlight as the honored guest speaker at the Nha Trang 100th Anniversary conference, captivating the audience with his visionary insights and ambitious proposals for the future of his hometown.

Nguyen Anh Tuan, whose remarkable journey began in this vibrant coastal city, connected with the community and Nha Trang had nurtured his aspirations during his youth. As the founder of VietNet, Vietnam’s first TCP/IP network providing public service, Tuan’s roots in Nha Trang served as the fertile soil for his groundbreaking achievements.

During his address, Tuan presented innovative solutions aimed at propelling Nha Trang into the global spotlight as a world-class innovation city. Drawing inspiration from Boston, renowned as an intellectual capital of the world, Tuan emphasized the potential for Nha Trang to forge strategic partnerships and leverage its unique strengths to drive exponential growth and development.

A highlight of Tuan’s vision was the idea of harnessing the power of AIWS Angel, a pioneering AI initiative, to catalyze Nha Trang’s transformation. By mobilizing a large contingent of Nha Trang’s populace to contribute to the development of AIWS Angel, Tuan proposed creating a unique ecosystem where innovation thrives and new opportunities abound.

Furthermore, Tuan put forward a bold proposal to establish a dedicated AIWS Angel house in Nha Trang, envisioned as a gathering place for world leaders, thinkers, and creators to converge, collaborate, and co-create solutions for humanity in the era of artificial intelligence.

The event, attended by leaders of Nha Trang and distinguished scholars from across Vietnam, concluded on a note of optimism and aspiration, with Tuan’s visionary ideas igniting a spark of hope and possibility for Nha Trang’s bright future as a beacon of innovation and progress on the global stage.