Letter from Governor Michael Dukakis for AI World Society Summit

May 27, 2019News


Boston, May 28, 2019


Dear friends,

In a world that is being buffeted on every side by technological innovations, political transitions and social turmoil, there is one thing most people can readily agree on about: The coming revolution of Artificial Intelligence holds both enormous promise and great potential peril.

The real world applications of AI will bring revolutionary changes and will have profound effects on the future of humanity. The changes will bring challenges to societal norms and economic models that we have relied on for decades. And we would be wise to prepare for all that will mean.

A century and a half ago, the industrial revolution brought with its great benefits that freed millions from back breaking toil and lifted our standard of living. But the industrial revolution also brought wrenching economic dislocation, new problems and new risks. And so, it will surely be with the coming AI revolution. Innovations now in the pipeline will bring economic dislocations and other risks that may well threaten peace and security around the globe. Our world as we know it could end, not with a bang, but rather with the click-click-click of a cyber attack.

In the past, when technological innovations led to the creation of terrible new weapons, it was only after they were used in warfare that the world came together to craft agreements, sign conventions, and work in union to prohibit their future use.

Technological innovation has now produced the threat of large-scale Cyber warfare. So, let’s do things differently this time. Let’s come together before these revolutionary weapons are used in acts of war between nation states. Let’s act now to develop global standards, International laws, societal norms, and binding conventions before the coming revolution sets loose terrible new destructive forces.

Our national governments have been slow to act. And International bodies such as the United Nations have yet to effectively address the problem. That is why the Boston Global Forum is calling for civilian organizations, non-profits, NGOs, and leaders, thinkers, scholars of every view and variety around the world, to join hands in an effort to build the Artificial Intelligence World Society.

And it is why we invite you now, to join in this important work, before the malware starts flying. We ask for your help and insights. We ask you to point us toward the breakthrough solutions that will help insure that the world gets all the best from applied artificial intelligence, while minimizing the threats and dangers.

We hope to make the AI World Society Summit a place where the brightest minds on the planet can work together, to find the innovative solutions that will help us build a brighter future. We ask you to join us, and we ask for your insights.

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We look forward to hearing your ideas.



Governor Michael Dukakis, Chairman and Co-founder of the Boston Global Forum

Nguyen Anh Tuan, CEO and Co-founder of the Boston Global Forum

Governor Michael Dukakis and Mr. Nguyen Anh Tuan awarded Estonian President Toomas Hendrik Ives “ World Leader in Peace and Cybersecurity “ at Global Cybersecurity Day December 12, 2017 at Harvard University.