Kerry eyes US-China partnership despite tensions

Aug 18, 2014News

(BGF) – The U.S Secretary of State John Kerry wrapped up his eight-day diplomatic trip by outlining one of its concerns is stability in the South China Sea and that a constructive relationship with China will help maintain peace and stability in the Asia-Pacific as well as combat the climate change issue and human rights, according to a report by Matthew Lee from the AP.

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Kerry eyes US-China partnership despite tensions

August 13, 2014 | By Matthew Lee


(Photo credit: Rob Griffith, Pool from AP)

HONOLULU (AP) — Despite tensions and a clear but officially unacknowledged rivalry, improving U.S. cooperation with China is critical to maintaining stability and security in the Asia-Pacific as well as combating the effects climate change, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said Wednesday.

Wrapping up an eight-day, around-the-world diplomatic trip and his sixth visit to Asia as America’s top diplomat, Kerry outlined renewed priorities for much of the Obama administration’s much-touted “pivot to Asia” during its final 2 ½ years, including a focus on strengthening U.S.-Chinese partnership in areas of agreement and bridging gaps in areas of contention.

“One thing I know will contribute to maintaining regional peace and stability is a constructive relationship between the United States and China,” Kerry said in an address to the East-West Center think tank in Honolulu. “The United States welcomes the rise of a peaceful, prosperous and stable China: one that plays a responsible role in Asia and the world and supports rules and norms on economic and security issues.”

“We are committed to avoiding the trap of strategic rivalry and intent on forging a relationship in which we broaden our cooperation on common interests and constructively manage our differences and disagreements,” he said.

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