Judea Pearl Wins 2021 BBVA Frontiers of Knowledge Award

Feb 21, 2022News, World Leaders in AIWS Award Updates

Judea Pearl is the recipient of the fourteenth edition of the ICT Frontiers of Knowledge Award from the Spanish bank group BBVA for “providing a modern foundation to Artificial Intelligence”. The award includes a prize of €400,000 (about $457,000).

Artificial Intelligence is again the focus for the latest award. According to the selection committee, Judea Pearl, who is a Professor of Computer Science and Director of the Cognitive Systems Laboratory at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA):

“made conceptual mathematical and formal contributions that enable AI programs to effectively interiorize two of the key resources we humans use to interpret the world and arrive at decisions: probability and causality. With the formal language he developed, these vital decision-making processes can be encoded into computer programs.”

Professor Judea Pearl was honored as the World Leader in AIWS 2020. He is a mentor of AIWS.net and member on the Board of the History of AI at AIWS.net

AIWS warmly congratulates Professor Judea Pearl and grateful for his significant contributions to AIWS and Artificial Intelligence.