Japanese Economic Security Minister Sanae Takaichi is honored with the World Leader in AIWS Award 2023

Apr 16, 2023News

Boston – The Boston Global Forum (BGF) is pleased to announce that the Japanese Economic Minister Sanae Takaichi, will receive the World Leader in AIWS Award and present the Distinguished Global Enlightenment Speech at the BGF High-level “AI Assistant Regulation Summit: Fostering a Tech Enlightenment Economy Alliance” on April 26, 2023 at Harvard University Faculty Club.

Minister Sanae Takaichi dedicates to AI and Data economic security, contributes to need to act fast and create a Regulation Framework for AI governance based on the concepts of the Regulation Framework for AI Assistants and ChatGPT.

She urges governments around the world to join us in this effort, and to work together to create a more transparent, accountable, and ethical global tech ecosystem.

The Boston Global Forum has been actively involved in global discussions with high impact organizations with pioneering initiatives in AI and Digital Governance, building Regulations for AI Assistants and ChatGPT with a series of conference started February 28, 2023, Boston Global Forum (BGF) calls on governments, companies, and academic institutions around the world to act in managing and governing AI Assistants and ChatGPT, creating the Global Enlightenment Mountain. The Global Enlightenment Mountain (GEM) program is a model of the new Silicon Valley, designed to make significant achievements in building the Age of Global Enlightenment. As AI technology continues to advance rapidly, GEM is leading the way in creating a more transparent, accountable, and ethical global tech ecosystem. One of the key initiatives of GEM is the creation of AI Assistants, including T-Lead, Enligh-T, T-Kindness, and Biotic AI.


WHAT:  Minister Sanae Takaichi will present the keynote address at the BGF High-level “AI Assistant Regulation Summit: Fostering a Tech Enlightenment Economy Alliance”

WHEN: April 26, 2023, 8:30 am – 12:00 pm, EDT

WHERE: Harvard University Faculty Club, Cambridge, MA

WHO: Minister Sanae Takaichi, Governor Michael Dukakis, Tuan Nguyen, CEO of Boston Global Forum. For full agenda and list of distinguished speakers, please visit: https://bostonglobalforum.org/bgf-events/


About Boston Global Forum and AI World Society

The Boston Global Forum (BGF) offers a venue for world leaders, strategists, thinkers, and innovators to contribute to the process of Remaking the World – Toward an Age of Global Enlightenment. The BGF introduced core concepts that are shaping groundbreaking international initiatives, most notably, the Social Contract for the AI Age, AI International Law and Accord, the Global Alliance for Digital Governance, the AI World Society (AIWS) Ecosystem, and the AIWS City.

Co-founders of the Boston Global Forum are Governor Michael Dukakis, Nguyen Anh Tuan, Founder & Editor-in-Chief of VietNamNet (1997-2011), Harvard Professors Thomas Patterson, and John Quelch.

The evolution of Artificial Intelligence holds great promise in a wide variety of sectors but can also be used in damaging ways, including political manipulation and unwarranted surveillance. For this reason, Michael Dukakis Institute has created the Artificial Intelligence World Society Initiative (AIWS) as a means of counteracting harmful and unethical uses of AI, and building the 7-layer AI model, including ethics, to achieve a peaceful and secure world.

The mission of AIWS is to develop recommendations for the development and implementation of AI in ways that promote the public interest. This includes:

  • Develop an ethical framework for the use of AI.
  • Create Social Contract for the AI Age, AI International Accord, and Global Alliance for Digital Governance
  • Innovate technical protocols to enhance cybersecurity and protect privacy.
  • Building AI-Government, the AIWS City, and AI Initiatives in Politics and Society.



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Ministerr Sanae Takaichi