IBM Threat protection system

May 8, 2014News


The IBM Threat Protection System is launched on May 5, 2014  to address advanced persistent threats, zero-day attacks and data breaches.

The IBM Threat Protection System leverages security intelligence and behavioral analytics to disrupt attacks from break-in to exfiltration, the company says. The system includes an end-to-end architecture of analytic and forensics software that assists with continuously preventing, detecting and responding to cyber-attacks.

The services tackle three areas:

  • Prevent even the most sophisticated attacks.: with behavioral-based defenses working together, the IBM system can block the initial phases of an attack at the endpoint and network.
  • Detect advanced threats across the entire infrastructure: the IBM QRadar Security Intelligence Platform includes new processing horsepower to combine massive amounts of data from network traffic, user behavior, security events and numerous other sources to automatically identify unknown or previously undetected threats. Real-time analytics find stealthy attackers lurking within the enterprise, while pre-attack analytics predict and prioritize security weaknesses before someone else does.
  • Respond continuously to security incidents: IBM Security QRadar Incident Forensics enabling security teams to quickly retrace breaches step-by-step, often in hours instead of days; and coupled with the expertise of  its Emergency Response Services, helps organizations mount a strong and adaptive response to future occurrences of attack.