Happy July 4th: Remaking the World Requires Reimagining It

Jul 4, 2022Reports, News, AIWS and the Age of Global Enlightenment

Concluding from the Chapter 23 of Remaking the World – Toward an Age of Global Enlightenment: Apply AIWS Ecosystem at AIWS City: A Model for the Digital Age by Nguyen Anh Tuan, Boston Global Forum CEO

“The great question of the Digital and AI Age is not technological in nature. Rather it is the question of what type of society we seek to create through the application of digital technology.

The digital and AI revolution and trailblazing ideas will reshape the world. Like previous industrial revolutions, it will have a transformative effect on the way we live and relate to each other. Like the others, it will be disruptive. Some business sectors will wither, while others will thrive. That is true also of people. With the other revolutions, the outcome was determined almost entirely by market forces, which worked primarily to the benefit of the powerful, typically at a significant cost to ordinary people.

AIWS seeks to ensure that the historical pattern does not become a defining feature of the Digital and AI Age. AIWS is a reimagined world, one where the rights and interests of ordinary citizens are paramount and where action is taken to empower them in ways that enlarge their voice and influence and that give them the agency to help shape a new world. AIWS recognizes that this reimagined world will require concerted action by governments, individuals, organizations, and firms. Each must be a source of innovation, and each must adhere to AIWS standards and values. Together, we can remake the world and usher in an Age of Global Enlightenment.”