Governor Michael Dukakis: We must take up Prime Minister Abe’s leadership and respond

Apr 9, 2023News

The Boston Global Forum, a US think tank, held an online conference to commemorate former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. Former Massachusetts Governor Michael Dukakis, who presides over the conference, lamented the loss of Mr. Abe, who demonstrated leadership that led the world to peace and stability.

The conference was attended by about 30 leaders and experts from Japan, the United States, and India. Dukakis referred to the destabilization of the international community due to Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, and said, “We must take up Mr. Abe’s leadership and respond.”

Former Cabinet Secretariat Advisor Etsuro Honda, who is known as the brain behind Mr. Abe’s economic policy, touched on Mr. Abe’s economic policy “Abenomics”, which aimed to break out of deflation, saying, “We have not been able to completely break out of deflation, and we are still only halfway there. We should carry on Abe’s will and implement Abenomics.” (Shin Okabe)

The article was translated from Sankei Shimbun:

Governor Michael Dukakis, Chair of BGF