Governor Michael Dukakis and BGF introduce Spiritual and Ethical Gifts to Inspire Youth Generations on U.S. Independence Day

Jul 7, 2024News

On July 4th, 2024, Governor Michael Dukakis, co-founder and Chair of the Boston Global Forum, and the BGF began a new initiative designed to inspire and guide the youth generation towards values of peace, security, compassion, and innovation. Named “Spiritual and Ethical Gifts,” this initiative seeks to encourage young people worldwide to contribute to a better and more humane society.

The inaugural gifts of this initiative are special e-cards featuring topics related to the AI World Society and its core principles. These e-cards will focus on AIWS’s commitment to fostering peace, enhancing security, nurturing compassion, and driving innovation. Each e-card will serve as a source of inspiration and education, encouraging recipients to embrace and practice these values in their daily lives and future endeavors.

This initiative reflects the BGF’s dedication to shaping futures through ethical AI development and fostering new models for democracy. By connecting with the youths, the BGF aims to not only plant technologically proficiency, but also humane and ethical values for the next generations.