Governor Maura Healey, Senators Elizabeth Warren, Ed Markey, Secretary of the Commonwealth Bill Galvin, Japanese Minister Sanae Takaichi and Amma deliver remarks and citation to celebrate Governor Dukakis’s 90th Birthday

Nov 5, 2023Event Updates, News

At Harvard University’s Loeb House on November 2, 2023, distinguished guests attended to celebrate the 90th birthday of former Massachusetts Governor Michael Dukakis. The event featured a series of momentous occasions, including the inauguration of AIWS City, the launch of the Liber Amicorum Book titled “Governor Michael Dukakis: From the Massachusetts Miracle to AIWS – the Age of Global Enlightenment,” and the delivery of a remarkable Distinguished Global Enlightenment Lecture by Amma, the recipient of the 2023 World Leader for Peace and Security Award.

The celebration was highlighted by prominent figures such as Governor Maura Healey, Senators Elizabeth Warren and Ed Markey, Secretary of the Commonwealth Bill Galvin, Japanese Minister Sanae Takaichi, and many other respected individuals. The occasion was marked with heartwarming remarks, citation, and speeches, paying tribute to Governor Dukakis’s incredible contributions to the state and the world.

Furthermore, the event served as a platform for the announcement of two pivotal initiatives. The first, in collaboration with the Active Inference Institute, seeks to “Advance Human-Centered AI through Integration with Natural Systems and Neuroscience: Toward Policy and Societal Well-Being.” This initiative aims to explore the intersection of AI, natural systems, and neuroscience to enhance the well-being of society through advanced policy-making.

The second initiative, in partnership with Amrita University in India, introduces the “World’s Congress of Religions in AI Responsibility: Faith and Reason in the AI age.” This program will focus on the role of faith, compassion and ethical responsibility in the age of AI, bringing together leaders, thinkers, and policymakers to explore the ethical development and deployment of artificial intelligence.

Additionally, an important Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was announced between Boston Global Forum and Amrita University. This MOU signifies a collaborative effort to develop and deploy the AI World Society (AIWS) Initiative, further strengthening the commitment to advancing human-centered AI and the global enlightenment of society.

The event was not only a celebration of Governor Dukakis’s remarkable life but also a testament to the commitment of these leaders in driving forward initiatives that shape the future of AI, ethics, and global enlightenment.


Governor Dukakis’s 90th Birthday Celebration: Remarks of Senator Elizabeth Warren

“Good evening, Boston Global Forum. I am so sorry that I can’t be there with you in person, but I would not miss the opportunity to congratulate our good friend Governor Michael Dukakis, and wish him a very happy 90th birthday.

You know, throughout his decades-long career, Governor Dukakis has shown that he is a committed public servant, a tireless leader, and a strong voice for Massachusetts families. When he was first elected as governor back in 1974, he faced some of our Commonwealth’s toughest battles – up against a record deficit and high unemployment. Governor Dukakis took on these challenges with passion and persistence, and his leadership made a key difference in the lives of hundreds of thousands, millions of people across Massachusetts.

After retiring from politics, Michael brought that same passion and expertise to the classroom, teaching at UCLA, the University of Hawaii, and at our own Northeastern University. Now, when I first decided to run for the United States Senate back in 2012, Michael sat down with me and he told me the right way to run a campaign. He said, ‘Run a grassroots campaign, grounded in people, based in the neighborhoods, in the cities, in the towns all across our state.’ I listened. In fact, that is exactly what I did. I have been lucky enough to count on Michael’s support since that very first campaign, and it’s made a world of difference.

So, let me say this personally, Michael, thank you again for the work you do day in and day out to benefit families all across Massachusetts and all around the world. Congratulations on this tremendous honor, and I hope you have a very happy 90th birthday.”