Governor Dukakis calls on the UN to play a greater role in reshaping the world

Jun 3, 2021News

Governor Michael Dukakis wrote the introduction of the book “Remaking the world – the Age of Global Enlightenment,” published by Boston Global Forum and the United Nations Academic Impact. In this, he wrote:

“Nothing is more urgent than peace and security in the world, and no organization is better positioned to promote it than is the United Nations. That has been true since its inception in 1945, although the lesson of the last seventy-five years is that the UN’s mandate must be enlarged if it is to fulfill the ideals on which it was founded. The task between now and the UN’s centennial in 2045 is the remake the UN so that it can play an even larger role in remarking the world.

This book offers ideas that can inform that effort. The ideas are meant to stimulate thought and discussion. Some of the ideas will undoubtedly, and properly, fall by the wayside during the deliberative process. Other ideas, not in this book, will come to the fore. A great deal of thought and experience went into the founding of the United Nations, and that kind of effort is needed once again as we consider how to enhance this remarkable institution.

On behalf of the Boston Global Forum, I want to thank the distinguished women and men who have contributed to the book. In one form or another, they have dedicated their careers to the service of others, and to the common good, and their essays reflect that dedication.

A special thank you is due to the book’s editor, Nguyen Anh Tuan. He envisioned the book project and assembled and guided the contributors. His commitment to world peace and security is unflagging, and the book is yet another testament to his dedication.”