Global Enlightenment Mountain engages with Banking Leaders to Shape New Business Models and Strategies in the Age of Global Enlightenment

Jun 4, 2023News

In early June 2023, Global Enlightenment Mountain, an initiative as a new Silicon Valley model, will convene a series of discussions with leaders from the banking industry in the US, Japan, India, Europe, and Vietnam. The objective is to collaboratively develop new business models and strategies that align with the principles and opportunities presented by the Age of Global Enlightenment in the book “Remaking the World – Toward an Age of Global Enlightenment” and the Third Generation of AI and AI Assistants.

Recognizing the pivotal role that banking plays in driving economic growth and societal transformation, Global Enlightenment Mountain aims to harness the collective expertise and insights of banking leaders to shape a future that integrates enlightenment principles into financial systems with responsibility applied AI.

The Age of Global Enlightenment heralds a new era where technological advancements, ethical considerations, and a focus on human-centric values converge. The Global Enlightenment Mountain seeks to ensure that the banking industry are involved in this collaborative effort, shaping financial systems that are not only resilient but also aligned with the broader goals of human progress and well-being.

By engaging with banking leaders, Global Enlightenment Mountain aims to facilitate meaningful dialogue, encourage discussion of ideas, and inspire action to shape the future. The goal is to identify innovative strategies and collaborative initiatives that empower banks to become agents of positive change in society, driving inclusive economic growth, environmental sustainability, and social progress in AI World Society model.

The outcomes of these discussions will contribute to the development of a roadmap that guides the evolution of banking practices in the Age of Global Enlightenment. It is envisaged that this collaboration between Global Enlightenment Mountain and banking leaders will spark a wave of transformation in the financial sector, setting new standards and establishing models that prioritize societal well-being alongside economic prosperity.

Thomas Kehler, a pioneer in the third generation of AI, presenting at the Global Enlightenment Mountain Conference