Global Enlightenment Leaders contribute to Japan’s Economy

Mar 12, 2023News

The upcoming Shinzo Abe Initiative Conference on April 5, 2023, in Tokyo will showcase a special report titled “Make the Economy of Japan Great in the Age of Global Enlightenment.” The report aims to address the challenges faced by the Japanese economy in the current global landscape and provide recommendations for sustainable growth and prosperity, with the aid of AI.

The special report will cover a wide range of topics related to the Japanese economy, including innovation, technology, trade, investment, and challenges faced by the Japanese workforce such as an aging population and a shrinking labor force. The report is expected to draw insights from economists, business leaders, policymakers, and other stakeholders, providing a comprehensive and informed view of the Japanese economy.

In addition to the presentation of the special report, the conference will also feature keynote speeches, panel discussions, and networking opportunities. The aim is to foster collaboration and generate new ideas that can drive Japan’s economy forward in the Age of Global Enlightenment. The first Shinzo Abe Initiative conference was organized at Harvard University Loeb House on November 23, 2022. Building on this momentum, the second conference will take place in Tokyo.

The conference is part of the initiative’s efforts to promote peace and security between Japan, Asia, and the world. Global Enlightenment Leaders of Boston Global Forum, the founder of the Shinzo Abe Initiative, contribute to this special report and aim to bring together leaders and experts from around the world to share their insights and perspectives.

Global Enlightenment Leaders at the Shinzo Abe Initiative Conference at Loeb House, Harvard University, November 23, 2022