Global Enlightenment Leaders Celebrate Governor Michael Dukakis’ 90th Birthday at AIWS City

Oct 15, 2023News

To celebrate the 90th birthday (November 3, 1933) of Governor Michael Dukakis, Co-founder and Chair of the Boston Global Forum, Enrico Letta, Former Prime Minister of Italy wrote:

Enrico Letta, Former Prime Minister of Italy:

“Governor Mike Dukakis has been and continues to be a great and inexhaustible source of inspiration to me. Since the first time I met him, during the unforgettable study trip I did, very young, in the US in the 80s, to our last gathering, in Boston a few months ago. Always optimistic, sharp, curious. Always in a listening mood, the way to make the difference with these difficult times full of unbearable egos.”

Harvard Medical School Professor David Silbersweig:

“Governor Dukakis has been a beacon of perspective, wisdom, graciousness and integrity for the Boston Global Forum, for our state and for the world.  He has brought deep experience and ability to get right to the heart of the matter, rooted in ethics and knowledge of politics.  He has exemplified leadership and given a platform for others to lead for good.  He bridges the latest advances with age-old human nature to maximize the impact of the BGF and AIWS, in its partnership with other leading international organizations.  He reminds us all of common human decency, of how we as societies are falling short, and how we need to keep our eye on the most important elements to improve local, national and global lives.”

Prime Minister Letta and Governor Dukakis at the BGF High-level Conference at Harvard Faculty Club, April 26, 2023