Global Enlightenment Education Program

Jan 9, 2022News, AIWS and the Age of Global Enlightenment

The Global Enlightenment Education Program of AIWS City includes:

AIWS Innovation. Members of the Global Enlightenment Program will be practiced on AIWS Innovation.

The AIWS Innovation will link program members with like-minded individuals in their community, country, and across the globe, enabling them to share perspectives and ideas and to assist each other in the development of innovate and constructive initiatives. It will also be a basis for collective action on universal problems like climate change and digital literacy.

In earlier times, “community” meant the local area. Later, “community” also came to mean the nation in which one resides. Today, because of globalization, “community” also includes the larger world. The AIWS Innovation is not intended to substitute for face-to-face interactions, which create the social capital that enables people locally to work together to strengthen their community. It is meant to supplement such interactions with ones based on a recognition that people everywhere have a common humanity and a shared planet.


Enlightenment Publication. Weekly Insight, a weekly newsletter, will be distributed online to members of the Global Education Program.

Weekly Insight is designed to help individuals build the knowledge, skills, values, and perspectives needed to lead a more fulfilling life and contribute to a more inclusive, just, and peaceful world. It is based on a lifelong-learning model that involves both formal and informal education as keys to developing problem-solving and critical-thinking skills, as well as discovering conventional and innovative paths to participation in the community, nation, and world.