Global Alliance for Digital Governance discussion will be saved and recognized at Treasure of AIWS City

Feb 6, 2022Global Alliance for Digital Governance, News

Global Alliance for Digital Governance’s activities, such as high-level discussions, online “movements”, and conferences for solutions in preventing cyberattacks to build Global Law and Accord on AI and Digital, will be recognized as treasures of AIWS City.

Achievements, events, figures that contributed to build the AI World Society and the Age of Global Enlightenment will be saved and recognized as historical treasures of AIWS City.

AIWS City is a practical model in building the Age of Global Enlightenment. The AIWS City was introduced at Policy Lab “Fundamental Rights in AI and Digital Societies – Towards an International Accord”, September 7-9, 2021, co-organized by Club de Madrid and Boston Global Forum (BGF) with attendance of Governor Michael Dukakis, Chair of the Boston Global Forum, President Danilo Turk, President of Club de Madrid, former presidents, prime ministers, legislators, distinguished professors of Harvard, MIT, and high-level leaders of United Nations and UNESCO.

From February 1, 2022, strategists of technology have discussed technical solutions to support this proposal. They introduced solutions and how to apply to prevent cyberattacks. They will continue to discuss until to February 18. BGF will introduce recommendations from this discussion.