From Sensing to Sensemaking: Converging Big Data with Plant AI

May 27, 2019News

As process industries across the world become more connected, networked, and integrated, there has been a consistent surge in the volume of data generated across the manufacturing value chain. The high-fidelity data that is generated by sensors and other wireless devices, however, currently yields inadequate insights for value creation. This makes a case for digitalizing plant operations in a way that meticulously leverages the plant’s digitized sensor data.

Converging Big Data with Plant Artificial Intelligence

Muthuraman “Ram” Ramasamy, Automation & IIoT Industry Director at Frost & Sullivan said “The industry understands the imperatives of digital, but the challenge resides in the ‘how’ of digital. This will require customers to partner with accomplished domain experts who can not only help structure a digital roadmap but also have strong AI application capabilities over plant data and comprehensive expertise over a manufacturing value chain.”

Yokogawa‘s Synaptic Business Automation — Converging Intelligent Sensing with Plant AI, will assist plant in unpacking the value levers of digital transformation, understanding the power of melding sensing with plant artificial intelligence (AI), and evaluating high-potential application areas. AI technology could provide intelligent sensing and advanced analytics for a smart manufacturing plant. This AI application will substantially supports to the human labor for more efficient operation and better productivity, which has been identified and highlighted by AI Ethics report from Michael Dukakis Institute for Leadership and Innovation (MDI).