Finnish President Niinistö’s firm stance against nuclear weapons

Feb 12, 2024News

President Sauli Niinisto, the 2018 World Leader for Peace and Security Award and a Global Enlightenment Leader, discussed his position on nuclear weapons.

In a recent interview with a Finnish newspaper, Finnish President Sauli Niinistö made headlines with his firm stance on the nuclear weapons debate, diverging sharply from the views of Alexander Stubb, a fellow politician and presidential candidate. Niinistö’s comments come at a time when the topic of nuclear armament is increasingly contentious, not just within Finland but across the globe.

During the state opening of Parliament, when asked about the possibility of revisiting the nuclear energy law and the notion of Finland harboring nuclear weapons, President Niinistö responded emphatically. “I have sometimes noted that Finland has no need to open a discussion on nuclear weapons,” he stated, underscoring his position with a clarity that left little room for ambiguity.

Niinistö further elaborated, “The fact is that NATO only keeps nuclear weapons in a few places in Europe, and none of them are particularly close to Finland. But another fact is that the nuclear deterrent is realized through many different means, including submarines, among others. As far as I understand, it’s already quite well established.”

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