Ezra Vogel, a member of the Boston Global Forum Board of Thinkers, passes away at 90

Dec 23, 2020News

The Boston Global Forum (BGF) mourns the passing of Ezra Vogel, the Henry Ford II Professor of Social Science at Harvard University, who passed away on December 20, 2020. He will be remembered for his distinguished career as the nation’s premier scholar of Japan and China, respected here and in those countries for his thoughtful and evenhanded analysis of first Japan’s and then China’s rise to global prominence. His award-winning books helped shape how the world viewed the two ascendant economic powers. Professor Vogel was actively involved in the efforts of the Boston Global Forum to promote peace and security in the East Sea and South China Sea. BGF’s Board of Thinkers will miss its member Ezra Vogel and his wise presence, and are deeply grateful for his contributions to the Boston Global Forum.