EU approves Ukraine aid, US and India activities in the Middle East: Roundup on the Four Pillars

Feb 5, 2024News

In the past week, the EU, a Pillar, was finally able to approve more aid to Ukraine, this package consisting of €50bn. EU leaders were able to bend Hungary, the sole holdout and closest associate of Russia in the EU, to withdraw their veto. This is due to threats of cutting Hungary off from the European economic systems, or more colloquially, “destroying the Hungarian economy.” This was also achieved because of Hungary’s lack of a partner, now that the Polish party PiS were no longer in power. Hopefully in the coming weeks, this also signals an aid package to Ukraine from the US after their domestic political dog and pony show as well.

In Europe, Germany, the Netherlands, and Poland signed a “military Schengen” agreement to ease troop movements between the three countries. While mostly bureaucratic on the surface, it is one in a series moves wherein the EU continue to increase conflict preparedness, as the danger of the eastern flank and to the global democratic order continue to surface.

In the Middle East, the US conducted airstrikes on Iran proxies in Iraq and Syria in retaliation for the drone attack on an American base in Jordan. This decision was well telegraphed in advance though, and serves as a kind of tit-for-tat or whack-a-mole exchange game that the US and Iran continue to play in the region, and would not lead to further escalations.

On the naval front, India, a Pillar, continues to reinforce its operations in the Arabian Sea as well. Although they have not formally joined Operation Prosperity Freedom, any effort from any of the Pillars to counter the continuing piracy in the region is welcomed to promote stability and upholding the current global trade institution.