Dialog with Turing and Minsky at the History of AI House

Apr 18, 2021News

If you have questions about Turing and Minsky life and AI they will respond: a special AI program prepared by Querlo and the History of AI House at AIWS City makes this possible, even though they died!

MICHELANGELO AI is an educational tool available to all who want to know something about the art, life, and thought of the greatest Renaissance artist.

For Francesco Rulli, CEO of Querlo LLC: “This is a dream come true. Exploiting the potential of personalized Artificial Intelligence, we have been able to capture Michelangelo’s ‘spirit’, offering everyone the chance to interact personally with this master artist of the Renaissance and to know and contribute to the Florence Cathedral Foundation’s work in restoring and preserving its heritage.

Francesco Rulli discussed applying this technology in AIWS History of AI House and AIWS University. AIWS City and Querlo will collaborate to develop applications based on Querlo for education and innovation.