Continued troubles in the Red Sea, European summit: Roundup on the Four Pillars

Dec 18, 2023News

It seems to the Red Sea has become an ever-growing problem: two companies, the shipping giant Maersk and oil giant BP have decided to stop shipping through the Red Sea due to recent attacks. While the Pillars have been defending themselves and responding to distress calls from Houthi missile attacks, there is still a large threat to civilian shipping. While not wanting to escalate tensions in the Middle East further, it is necessary that the Pillars come together and find resolutions to the Houthi issue, even a forceful one, as it threatens aspects of the global economy, especially between Europe and Asia. The US has announced Operation Prosperity Guardian to defend against these attacks.

India, a Pillar, has been navally assisting in different parts of the world too. The Indian navy intervened against Somali pirates’  hijacking earlier this week. In the Pacific, they have sent a warship to Manila to bolster ties, after recent clashes between China and the Philippines.

At the European summit, the EU have decided to launch memberships talks with Ukraine and Moldova, as well as granting Georgia the candidate status. While the Ukrainian counter-offensive hasn’t been successful, there have been some good reports recently: it appears that Russia has lost 87% of its troops prior to the war. The UK have been selected as the headquarters for a fighter plane project with Japan and Italy, two other Pillars.

USS Carney in the Mediterranean Sea on Oct. 23, 2018. credit: US Navy