Community Innovation Economy

Aug 16, 2021News

The Community Innovation Economy is a concept, that innovation and entrepreneurship need to be customized for the circumstances of each community, as well as an ecosystem that supports every citizen so they can innovate.

The Community Innovation Economy (CIE) was conceived by MIT Professor Alex Pentland and Nguyen Anh Tuan, CEO of Boston Global Forum.

AIWS seeks to create an AIWS Ecosystem that empowers citizens to create value for themselves, for others, and for society through the application of artificial intelligence, digital, blockchain, and data science technologies. It is a sharing ecosystem that rewards both the creators and users of these technologies, as well as an ecosystem that encourages everyone to innovate. It breaks down the hierarchies that traditionally have created unequal power relationships, paving the way to a sharing society. It recognizes the value of every citizen, as well as every citizen’s creative potential. It seeks to promote citizens’ economic wellbeing while also promoting ethical and community values. It aims for nothing less than the creation of a more trusting, prosperous, and compassionate world where people can live more fulfilling lives, materially and ethically.

The AIWS Value System

Remaking the world as a more humane, peaceful, and secure place rests on promoting the values that will foster that world. To that end, AIWS has created the AIWS Value System as a means of guiding and encouraging individuals to contribute to a changing world.

The AIWS Value System focuses on creative or innovative acts that foster a sharing society.

The AIWS Ecosystem is a sample of the Community Innovation Economy.