Civil20 Summit concludes with Policy Recommendations for G20

Aug 6, 2023Event Updates, News

The three-day Summit of Civil20 (C20), an official Engagement Group of G20, came to a successful close in Jaipur. The summit witnessed the presentation of the C20 Communique, a comprehensive inclusive survey and policy recommendations developed by its 16 Working Groups. These significant documents were handed over to the G20 Secretariat and representatives of G20 Brazil.

At the valedictory function, Amma, the Chair of C20 India, officially handed over the leadership of C20 to Brazil. More than 800 delegates, including civil society organizations from around the world, distinguished experts, and G20 officials, attended the event.

Swami Amritaswarupananda Puri, Troika, C20 & Vice Chairman, Mata Amritanandamayi Math, expressed gratitude to all those whose dedication and support led to the remarkable success of C20 in India. He highlighted the commitment of civil society organizations in promoting social justice, human rights, and sustainable development.

Shri Kalraj Mishra, Governor of Rajasthan, emphasized the need for environmental conservation and drew attention to India’s tradition of worshiping trees and connecting them with the divine. He proposed four strategic pillars, including People, Prosperity, Planet, and Participation, focusing on critical result areas such as Health & Wellbeing, Economic Development & Decent Work, and Environmental Sustainability.

Mr. Nguyen Anh Tuan, the CEO of Boston Global Forum, took the stage as a distinguished keynote speaker at the C20 Summit, delivering a compelling address. He spoke about potential of the AI World Society model, emphasizing its pivotal role in shaping a more promising future for our global community. With profound insight, Mr. Tuan also underscored the significance of integrating the spiritual values championed by Amma, highlighting their capacity to guide us towards a world enriched by compassion, understanding, and enlightenment.

Amma and leaders at the C20 Summit