Building the World Leader Peace Community

Mar 25, 2024News

Boston, March 25, 2024

Boston Global Forum is establishing the World Leader Peace Community. At the core of this community are distinguished leaders who have been honored with the prestigious Boston Global Forum’s World Leader for Peace and Security Award and World Leader in AIWS Award. As Peace Leaders, they shoulder the critical task of organizing and facilitating discussions aimed at proposing viable solutions to conflicts worldwide. Leveraging their expertise, experience, and diplomatic acumen, they engage with governments and militaries of nations to advocate for peaceful resolutions to ongoing disputes and tensions. Through dialogue, negotiation, and mediation, they tirelessly work to foster understanding, build trust, and promote reconciliation among conflicting parties.

Furthermore, the Peace Leaders recognize the urgent need to prevent conflicts and wars before they escalate. To this end, they collaborate with international organizations, civil society groups, and other stakeholders as Four Pillars to generate strength and momentum toward peace. By raising awareness, advocating for disarmament, and promoting peaceful coexistence, they strive to create a more secure and harmonious world for all humanity.

In essence, the World Leader Peace Community serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration, demonstrating the power of dialogue, cooperation, and diplomacy in resolving conflicts and advancing global peace and security.

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen | Pool photo by Benoit Doppagne via Getty Images