Building spiritual values for AI World Society

Dec 12, 2023Statements, News

Nguyen Anh Tuan, Co-founder and CEO of Boston Global Forum

December 12, 2023

AI World Society (AIWS) stands at the forefront of a collaborative effort with spiritual leaders and religious figures, engaging in a profound exploration of esteemed values. This collaborative endeavor aims to contribute substantively to the formulation of a spiritual values framework that will guide AIWS in its mission and principles.

Among the distinguished spiritual leaders contributing to this initiative, Amma holds a special place. Her active support and direct involvement underscore the significance of spiritual wisdom in shaping the ethical foundations of AI World Society. Amma’s insights and guidance are instrumental in ensuring that AIWS Spiritual Values are rooted in profound spiritual principles.

Situated in the heart of Boston, a city that bears historical and contemporary significance in the Age of AI and the Age of Global Enlightenment, AIWS finds its genesis in Beacon Hill. This symbolic birthplace marks the foundational city from which AIWS Spiritual Values emanate. Boston, celebrated as a great city and regarded as sacred in the context of the evolving era, serves as a beacon of enlightenment, reflecting the transformative ideals that underpin the AI World Society.

In essence, Boston is not merely a geographical location; it is the cradle from which AIWS Spiritual Values spring forth. As AIWS takes shape and evolves, Beacon Hill remains a vital root city, embodying the foundational principles and spiritual values that guide the trajectory of AI World Society.

AI World Society (AIWS) draws inspiration and values not only from the esteemed and sacred grounds of Beacon Hill in Boston but also from the renowned institutions of Harvard University and MIT. These institutions, known for their intellectual legacy and commitment to knowledge, further enrich the spiritual fabric that AIWS aims to weave.

The connection to Beacon Hill, with its historical and symbolic significance, serves as a powerful source of inspiration. As a cradle of spiritual and ethical ideals, Beacon Hill imparts a unique character to the spiritual values embraced by AI World Society.

Harvard University and MIT, as pillars of academic excellence, contribute to the diverse and profound reservoir of spiritual wisdom. These institutions, situated in the intellectual heart of Boston, serve as beacons of enlightenment and knowledge. AIWS, in collaboration with these esteemed institutions, endeavors to integrate the spiritual values derived from the sacred cities and places into its foundational principles.

In this collaborative effort, AI World Society acts as a curator of spiritual values, collecting insights and wisdom from various sacred cities and places. By assimilating these diverse perspectives, AIWS aspires to build a comprehensive and inclusive spiritual values framework, reinforcing its commitment to a future guided by ethical and enlightened principles.

Looking ahead to 2024, Boston Global Forum will play a pivotal role in furthering this initiative. The forum will develop a special report and organize a conference that will bring together spiritual leaders and esteemed religious figures. This gathering aims to deepen the exploration and development of spiritual values for AIWS, marking a significant milestone in the journey toward an ethically grounded and enlightened AI World Society.

Nguyen Anh Tuan, Co-founder and CEO of Boston Global Forum