Bill Gates: The risks of AI are real but manageable

Jul 17, 2023News

Professor David Silbersweig, Harvard Medical Professor and a co-founder of Global Enlightenment Mountain at AIWS City, introduces the writing of Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, a Global Enlightenment Leader, “The risks of AI are real but manageable,” here are some notes:

  • Many of the problems caused by AI have a historical precedent. For example, it will have a big impact on education, but so did handheld calculators a few decades ago and, more recently, allowing computers in the classroom. We can learn from what’s worked in the past.
  • Many of the problems caused by AI can also be managed with the help of AI.
  • We’ll need to adapt old laws and adopt new ones—just as existing laws against fraud had to be tailored to the online world.


I encourage everyone to follow developments in AI as much as possible. It’s the most transformative innovation any of us will see in our lifetimes, and a healthy public debate will depend on everyone being knowledgeable about the technology, its benefits, and its risks. The benefits will be massive, and the best reason to believe that we can manage the risks is that we have done it before.

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