Big Tech remains silent on questions about data privacy in a post-Roe US

Jul 5, 2022Reports, News

A consequence relatively rarely discussed in the context of the US Supreme Court judgment on access and right to abortion, as affirmed in the earlier Roe v Wade case, is the question of the digital privacy of those who seek online information about the procedure or where it can be arranged. On June 24, the MIT Technology Review “asked five major tech companies—Alphabet, Meta, Reddit, TikTok, and Twitter—how their policies banning content promoting illegal activity will apply to posts advocating for abortion access or aiding those who now need to travel out of state for the procedure (and) how they plan to respond to requests, subpoenas, or warrants for data that could be used to prosecute cases related to abortions in those states.” This article from the Review shares and analyses the results of those queries. includes news reports, analysis and reflections by distinguished thinkers and innovators supporting innovations and solutions for “Remaking the World – Toward an Age of Global Enlightenment” and the United Nations Centennial initiative, looking at how the world might be in 2045 when the global organization completes a hundred years.