An urgent call for actions to build a new international rules and instruments for world peace and security

Feb 27, 2022Global Law and Accord on AI and Digital, News

The world is in danger with the risk of wars threatening the peace and security of humankind in the 21st century.  We urge the world community to respond to the current crisis by developing binding new international rules and instruments to safeguard the rights, interests, and sovereign integrity of small countries to withstand aggressive hostile actions by more powerful countries.

The Boston Global Forum commits to assist in the development of the new international rules and instruments and to advocate for their adoption.

The Boston Global Forum and Global Alliance for Digital Governance are connecting people and resources to create the synergy needed to curtail the risk of war and cyberwarfare, and to preserve peace and security.

The CEO of the Boston Global Forum and Resident Coordinator of the Global Alliance for Digital Governance, Mr. Nguyen Anh Tuan, welcomes emails from all organizations and individuals interested in joining us for action, via: [email protected]

It is of utmost importance that we start working hand in hand now to protect world peace and security.