An AI accelerator chip can transfer information at the speed of light

Dec 3, 2018News

A startup called Lightelligence recently developed a new AI chip power machine learning using light instead of electrons.

Since the emergence of deep learning, it has proven to be of great use. For example, it enables machines to execute with more than just competitive tasks. The deep learning algorithms will give machines power to do sophisticated tasks like labeling images, translating text, etc. The algorithm requires a thorough training and a huge amount of data for AI to learn. Nowadays, companies are using this method to enhance their business.

If the information can be transferred at the speed of light, the AI algorithms will be capable of perform hundreds of times faster. Lightelligence has recently developed a new kind of chip powered by light instead of electrons to carry the core mathematical computations for machine learning. This chip can have a big impact on the world of AI.

CEO of Lightelligence, Yichen Shen, explained the key behind this technology. Since Photons are faster than electrons and their movements through the chips won’t overheat, though its behaviors are less predictable. They recently sent his chip’s design to a manufacturer.

This technology could offer huge opportunities for the world of AI. Yet, giving it so much power can result in a development speed beyond our control. It needed to be careful monitored and regulated for machine as well as its developers. There are organizations such as the Michael Dukakis Institution (with the AIWS Initiative and the AIWS 7-Layer Model) are constantly researching and raising people’s awareness to ensure the future of AI.