Amma honoured with World Leader for Peace and Security Award

Oct 9, 2023Event Updates, News

During her 70th birthday celebrations at Amritapuri, Amma was honoured with the prestigious ‘World Leader for Peace and Security Award,’ jointly presented by the Boston Global Forum and the Michael Dukakis Institute for Leadership and Innovation. Nguyen Anh Tuan, Co-Founder and CEO of Boston Global Forum, presented the award to Amma.

“Amma’s legacy is one of profound compassion and enduring dedication to spiritual and humanitarian values. She has uplifted millions by giving solace, building homes, hospitals, alongside many other projects. Her leadership as the Chair of the Civil 20 Engagement Group for India’s G20 Presidency reflects her unwavering commitment to unity, compassion and collective wellbeing,” said Nguyen Anh Tuan.

“The Boston Global Forum seeks to employ technology through values in service of humanity. We are honoured to be able to include Amma’s spiritual values into our initiatives. This brings a convergence of compassion with technology to address our global challenges. This has been exemplified by Amma’s work to set a brighter future for all. May we be guided by Amma’s principles in that regard.”

Michael Dukakis, the former Governor of Massachusetts, also sent a message saying, “We are profoundly honoured to recognize Amma as a leader for world peace and security. Her tireless efforts to promote love, compassion and global unity are truly exemplary. Amma’s legacy will continue to inspire our collective journey towards a more harmonious world.”

Amma received the World Leader for Peace and Security Award in recognition of her significant contribution of bringing spirituality into the realm of technology discourse.


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