AIWS Report about AI Ethics: Government AIWS Ethics and Practices Index

Dec 3, 2018News

The Michael Dukakis Institute recently conducted a research called ‘AIWS Report about AI Ethics’ in effort to reach a common accord of respect for the norms, laws, and conventions in the AI world in a diversity approaches and frameworks in countries. The report proposes a model of Government AIWS Ethics and Practices Index. This Index measures the extent to which a government in its AI activities respects human values and contributes to the constructive use of AI.

The concept of AI-Government was developed by the Michael Dukakis Institute for Leadership and Innovation (MDI) and first presented in the MDI’s AIWS Conference in 2018. However, to guarantee the interoperability among different frameworks and approaches of governments and deal with normative differences among contexts and geographies, a model to develop, measure, and track the progress of ethical AI policy-making and solution adoption amongst governments is needed.

The AIWS Report about AI Ethics, then, proposes the model of Government AIWS Ethics and Practices Index and looks at the strategies, activities and progresses of major governments in the field of AI.

On December 3, 2018, MDI will publish the report at AI World Conference and Expo held by AI World in Boston. MDI hope to propose to global government leaders, but first and foremost, to heads of G7, OECD members, and countries with a population of over 80 million – the pioneers in the industrial revolution MDI is currently embarking on. Government leaders from G7 and OECD members can consider apply the Government AIWS Ethics and Practices Index and in the near future, the Index will contribute to the global consensus of AI development.

MDI also hopes to make contribution to the notion of dealing with these AI international problems through the United Nation. The United Nations plays a key role in regulating the actions of governments as well as people with the aim of maintaining international peace and security and promoting co-operation between countries.