AIWS Innovation Network will official launch on December 12, 2019

Nov 10, 2019News

With the philosophy of AI Humanism, Boston Global Forum establishes AI World Society Innovation Network (AIWS Innovation Network) to:

1. Create an environment to develop applications of AI for governments, companies:

AIWS Innovation Network will connect and receive demands from governments, connect with resources from top universities, and connect companies to provide services for governments and companies.

2. Build a better world with norms of AIWS Social Contract 2020

Connect and encourage leaders to monitor governments and businesses that violate standards and norms and compromise with dictatorships or totalitarian governments.

AIWS Young Leaders calls and supports concepts, standards, and norms of the AIWS Social Contract 2020.
Public Policy Group: contribute to develop AIWS Social Contract 2020 and policies, initiatives for AI
Activists Group: organize campaigns both offline and online to support for the AIWS Social Contract 2020.
Monitor Group: report on governments and corporations that violate AIWS Social Contract 2020 norms, standards, and concepts (we call for the isolation of those governments and corporations).

3. Creative and Innovative works, especially art and culture in AI

Philosophy: AI Humanism

Develop recommendations for the use of AI for public good.
This would complement the current AIWS/BGF work that is developing ethics and cybersecurity, which call to action to counteract the negative, manipulative, surveillance, micro-targeting use of AI.

It could focus on ways to reach, connect, and co-create with people and groups to enhance positive wellbeing and interactions and peaceful and enduring solutions.

4. Mentorship: Former presidents, former prime ministers, current leaders, thoughtleaders to inspire and encourage AIWS Young Leaders and support their activities.

BGF will officially launched AIWS Innovation Network at Global Cybersecurity Day Symposium December 12, 2019 at Loeb House, Harvard University.