AIWS-G7 Summit Initiative submitted to the French Government

Apr 29, 2019News

Representatives of the French Government, French Consul General at Boston Arnaud Mentre received the Artificial Intelligence Society Initiative for the 2019 G7 Summit.

The AIWS – G7 Summit Initiative was announced on April 25, 2019 at AIWS-G7 Summit Conference at Loeb House, Harvard University.

The Initiative is The Next Generation Democracy – AI World Society.  The AIWS Model envisions a society where creativity, innovation, tolerance, democracy, the rule of law, and individual rights are recognized and promoted, where AI is used to assist and improve government decision-making, and where AI is a mean of giving citizens a larger voice in governing.

The AIWS-G7 Summit Initiative has three parts: AI-Government, AI-Citizen, and AI Government Index.

The co-authors are Governor Michael Dukakis, Chairman of the Boston Global Forum; Mr. Nguyen Anh Tuan, CEO of Boston Global Forum; David Bray, Executive Director of The People-Centered Internet coalition; Professor Nazli Choucri, MIT; Professor Thomas Creely, Naval War College; Mr. Paul Nemitz, Principal Advisor, Directorate General for Justice and Consumers, the European Commission; Professor Thomas Patterson, Harvard; David Silbersweig, Harvard; President Vaira Vike-Freiberga, President of World Leadership Alliance-Club de Madrid; and Mr.Kazuo Yano, Chief Engineering of Hitachi.

Consul General of France Arnaud Mentre received the AIWS-G7 Summit Initiative at the Conference.