AI is changing enterprises in the fields of transportation, healthcare, and retail

Nov 12, 2018News

In the last decade, there has been a rise of AI in enterprises. Many enterprises are picking up with the trends, starting to transform theirs structure and ways to use AI. Lyft, Walmart and Philips are three major examples.


Lyft is known as an urban transportation company that also competes with Uber in branding and market share. Recently, it has been implementing machine learning technique to solve spot pricing, ride scheduling and fleet operation and autonomous driving which are the core elements of autonomous business. By using decision trees, neural networks, multi-arm bandits, and quadratic programing, these models are applied in many problems that depend on scale and situation.


AI is used to solve everyday office tasks such as digitizing document and improve productivity in accounting process at Walmart. Using Robotic Process Automation, the system assists creating visual and scripted flowchart to serve enhance shared service. “Walmart back office processes 200 Million+ Account Receivables and 2.3 Million+ employee payrolls,” said Yazdi Balgi, SVP, Global Business Services and Emerging Technologies at Walmart. With great scanning power, AI, and Big Data, sale tax refunds and audit were improved remarkably and turned into huge saving at this volume.


According to Roy Smythe, Global Chief Medical Officer, Strategy and Partnerships at Philips, there are three healthcare’s areas in which AI can help:

– Image Recognition/Computer Vision assist scan X-ray or MRI images and measure lesion sizes, eliminating manual and error-prone work;
– Having AI look at global database to compare the record can be of great use in finding out a treatment;
– Self-health AI app that provides health tips that possibly could reduce 50% of the doctor visits.

The Michael Dukakis Institute is the International Sponsor of AI World, coming to Boston on Dec 3-5. AI World Conference & Expo 2018 is promised to bring together professional AI experts in the world to work with businesses to help them use AI and leverage this technology to advance the product development, for innovation, for costs, savings and all major businesses’ issues.