AI-Government and AI-Citizen at AI World Government in Washington DC

Jun 30, 2019AI-Government, News

Delegation of the Boston Global Forum, including Governor Michael Dukakis, Mr. Nguyen Anh Tuan, Professor Thomas Patterson, Professor Nazli Choucri, Professor Thomas Creely, and Mr. Allan Citryn, attended AI World Government Conference and Expo in Washington DC. The BGF is a part of the strategic alliance of this event. BGF hosted the Summit of AI World Government with the topic “AI Governance, Big Data, and Ethics”. After Governor Michael Dukakis give opening remarks, Prof. Thomas Patterson presented the AI World Society-G7 Summit Initiative. He focused on the AI-Government model and AI-Citizen, in which AI-Citizen as new concepts. AI-Government affects the public through improvement of public services, such as health care and education. This impact, however, deals only with individuals as subjects – recipients of government action. AI also has the capacity to empower individuals and make them more responsible for their actions. In this sense, AI is a mechanism for enhancing individuals as citizens rather than merely as subjects.

As we envision the AI World Society (AIWS), it is a society where innovation, creativity and dedication are promoted and given material support, and in which individuals who contribute to society through innovation, creativity and dedication are heard, recognized and rewarded.

We also envision it as a society that increases citizens’ opportunities to influence governmental decisions and to hold government accountable for its actions. Citizen participation is not a substitute for representative institutions, but the AIWS model expands the range of decisions in which citizens are directly and materially involved. AI in this context should support the self- organization of citizens in structures of civil society and those for political action, thus contributing to a more vibrant and open society and a living democracy.

AI-Citizen would seek to nurture innovation, creativity and dedication and the ability to organize for a common purpose; develop a mechanism for rewarding innovation, creativity and dedication,  getting organized for public interest purposes; develop ways for individuals to participate more fully and actively in government decisions, parliamentary and other democratic activity and civil society; and provide ways for individuals to hold government and other actors accountable for decisions affecting them and society generally.

Prof. Patterson introduced the Social Value Reward (or Social Value Recognition) SVR. This system is in contrast with Social Credit System of China. Social Value Reward is for citizens and by citizens. Mr. Nguyen Anh Tuan, CEO of BGF, emphasized that the Social Credit System of China government is anti-democratic, and the world need a democratic system to replace the Social Credit System of China.

Social Value Reward (SVR) System would provide a way for citizens to track their contributions to society, as well as a way for society to acknowledge those contributions. It would allocate reward based on citizens’ adherence to norms such as their dedication and their innovative, creative contributions. It stands in sharp contrast to China’s “social credit” system, which is a mechanism of state control. Based on a blockchain system, SVR would not have government input or be accessible by government. Reward would be allocated by civic-minded non-governmental organizations. The system is used to recognize and honor citizens for their contributions to society. Punitive action is prohibited. SVR would also permit citizens to evaluate the leaders of governmental institutions, governments, non-government organizations, and firms for their contributions to society. SVR would accord with The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and The Ethics Guidelines for Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence (AI) issued by the European Commission’s High-Level Expert Group on Artificial Intelligence.

Professor Patterson informs that BGF are discussing about The New Social Contract for AI, Data, Internet society.

BGF delegation attended AI World Government.

Governor Michael Dukakis gives opening remarks at the Summit of AI World Government.