AI Conference on 23 September to discuss about The Social Contract 2020 and International Law for AI and the Internet

Sep 15, 2019News

The Boston Global Forum and Michael Dukakis Institute for Leadership and Innovation will organize the AI World Society Conference on 1:30 pm, September 23, 2019 at Harvard University Faculty Club, to introduce and discuss the Social Contract 2020 and rules and laws for AI and the Internet.

The keynote speaker is Professor Alex Sandy Pentland, who directs the MIT Connection Science and Human Dynamics labs and had previously helped create and direct the MIT Media Lab and the Media Lab Asia in India. He is one of the most-cited scientists in the world and Forbes recently declared him one of the “7 most powerful data scientists in the world”, along with the Google founders and the Chief Technical Officer of the United States; he also co-led the World Economic Forum discussion in Davos that led to the EU privacy regulation GDPR and was central in forging the transparency and accountability mechanisms in the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.  He has received numerous awards and prizes, such as the McKinsey Award from Harvard Business Review, the 40th Anniversary of the Internet from DARPA, and the Brandeis Award for work in privacy.

Professor Pentland is a co-founder of the Social Contract 2020 and a member of the Board of Thinkers of the Boston Global Forum.

Following the speech of Professor Pentland, Professor Christo Wilson, Northeastern University, Harvard Law School Fellow, and Michael Dukakis Leadership Fellow, will present solutions for AI transparency.

Then, Paul F. Nemitz and Michel Servoz will present Rules and International Laws of AI World Society.

Paul F. Nemitz is the Principal Advisor in the Directorate General for Justice and Consumers. He was appointed by the European Commission on 12 April 2017, following a 6-year appointment as Director for Fundamental Rights and Citizen’s Rights in the same Directorate General. As Director, Nemitz led the reform of Data Protection legislation in the EU, the negotiations of the EU – US Privacy Shield, and the negotiations with major US Internet Companies of the EU Code of Conduct against incitement to violence and hate speech on the Internet. He also is a team member of The Social Contract 2020.

Mr. Michael Servoz is the Special Adviser to the President of European Commission, Senior Adviser for  “Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and the Future of European Labour Law” – European Political Strategy Centre (EPSC).

Scholars of Harvard, MIT, Tufts will join the AI World Society Conference as participants.

Download Agenda for this conference here