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What Is The Future Of Enterprise AI?

Artificial intelligence is redefining the very meaning of being an enterprise. The rapidly advancing artificial intelligence (AI) capability is on its way to revolutionizing every aspect of an enterprise. The ability to access data has leveled the playing field and brought every enterprise a unique possibility of progress. What needs to be seen is in this level playing field, which enterprises will be able to compete and lay a new foundation for fundamental transformation and which ones will decline.

Enterprises across industries are undergoing a profound and lasting shift in the relative balance of AI adoption. AI application will offer each enterprise as many opportunities as it does challenges. While access to technology, data, and information is common to all enterprises, what is not common is how each enterprise uses that information—and for what reason. While AI has given enterprises across industries and nations the same starting point in access to AI technology, it is crucial to understand the parameters that will define their individual and collective success.

The potential of Enterprise AI can transform the enterprise ecosystem in many ways. From decision making to supply chain intelligence and tracking capabilities to the automation of business processes, AI can change the entire enterprise ecosystem across CAGS. The time is now to understand its risks and rewards. According to AI impact to society, the Michael Dukakis Institute for Leadership and Innovation (MDI) also established the Artificial Intelligence World Society (AIWS) to share its commitment to the constructive and development of AI for mitigating risks and enhancing transparency as well as ethical values.

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