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The AI Chronicle and AIWS House start today, June 6, 2020

The Social Contract 2020, A New Social Contract in the Age of AI, sets the foundation for a new
historical chapter: the emergence of AI societies. Governor Michael Dukakis stressed the importance
of studying history to prevent past mistakes from repeating in the present and the future. I value his
insight and would like to add that looking back at history is a way to shape and invent the future. We
should not content ourselves with merely predicting the future; with AI as our tools, we can strive to
innovate and organize it.

With that idea in mind, AIWS.net announced May 5, 2020, a new project—The History of AI—as a
companion to the Social Contract 2020, A New Social Contract in the Age of AI. While many
individuals and organizations study the history of AI already, AIWS will study the field from a
different angle and with a different approach. Our approach will be cross-sectional with the
following structure:

1. Principles, concepts, motivating ideas, methodology, model, and solutions in AI.
2. AI inventions in science and technology
3. AI applications, initiatives in politics, government, economics, and society.

Today June 6, 2020, The History of AI, a part of Michael Dukakis Institute for Leadership and
Innovation, starts post content of the AI Chronicle on AI World Society Network (AIWS.net). This
content is the AI Chronicle – Open to Feedback: we encourage to receive comments, feedbacks from
today June 6, 2020 to June 27, 2020, then the History of AI Board will review, approve and the AI
Chronicle – Official will be posted on July 1, 2020. The History of AI Board will review the AI
Chronicle biannual. Our approach is open-ended: based on our findings, we will develop research on
the History of AI’s criteria, and we are open to invite individuals and organizations to contribute,
comment to the project by gathering documents, stories and participating in analysis.

As a part of the History of AI, the AIWS House organizes talks, seminars about pioneering ideas,
concepts, methodologies, products, historical figures, events, achievements in AI, and presents them
in the AIWS House Online, and physics.

Today, as an event of AIWS House, the History of AI, Cheryl Misak, a University Professor and
Professor of Philosophy at the University of Toronto will talk “Frank Ramsey: A Sheer Excess of
Powers”. The History of AI at AIWS.net sees Frank Ramsey as an AI figure in history, who has
indirect influence on AI, especially in causal inference.