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Quantum computing could turbocharge healthcare analytics, AI

Google’s recent claim that it has achieved quantum computing supremacy – apart from being contested by rival tech giants such as IBM – is still quite a ways off in terms of real-world applications.

The healthcare industry, for example, will still need to build a new set of applications to take advantage of quantum, and it still won’t account for the cost of the hardware and the operating costs to cool the systems and keep them operational.

If healthcare costs were not already high enough, these capabilities don’t help in keeping cost burdens low, and because quantum introduces all kinds of potential security risks, data privacy for healthcare patients could be compromised even further.

However, possible applications for artificial intelligence and machine learning to help with data analysis could prove critical further down the road.

Quantum computing could provide unprecedented power and speed of processing as well as novel and fundamentally different algorithmic search and data homogenization strategies.

According to Michael Dukakis Institute for Leadership and Innovation (MDI), AI technology together with advanced quantum computing can be a force for relieving them of resource constraints and arbitrary/inflexible rules and processes, and is potentially to solve important issues, such as SDGs.

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